About us

We use fresh ingredients.
Why is that?

Pizza Boise was founded to cultivate high-quality ingredients, and experienced staff to produce the best possible food. Founded in Marcellus, Pizza Boise delivers fresh food daily. From our Calzones to our specialty pizzas, we put our heart into every menu item.

Owners Brian Boise and Jeremy Simek have worked in the Marcellus Community at “J and J’s Pizzeria” for a number of years. Both attended SUNY Oswego’s School of Business, one earning an Accounting Degree and the other a Business Administration Degree. From working in the community of such a tight-knit town both knew that in order for a business to thrive you need more than just a business model, but something that will attract consumer excitement as well.

Using their extensive business background and immense work ethic, they look to create and sustain more than just a business transaction, but more of an experience for the customer as well. They pride themselves on the quality and consistency of every order that comes in and goes out. And most importantly they wish to create a long-lasting customer friendly environment for all of those who choose to be a part of it. This truly is A Marcellus Original.